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We offer tank leasing, sales, installation, monitoring and other services in Central Texas

propane tank monitoringDriving around Waco, Taylor, Leander, Bryan, College Station or other towns in Central Texas, you might have noticed a lot of propane tanks in people’s yards. Using propane to power your home’s heat, hot water and major appliances ensures that you’ll always have a dedicated fuel supply, independent of any utility with poorly maintained infrastructure.

Star Tex Propane sells, leases, installs and repairs propane tanks for homes in Central Texas. We also provide a range of tank services for our valued customers.

It’s easy to lease a propane tank with Star Tex Propane!

If you talk to any of our propane delivery customers who lease tanks with us, they’ll invariably tell you how stress-free the process is. Our friendly propane technicians will discuss your fuel needs (i.e., how large your home is, how many gas appliances you own, where you intend to place the tank, etc.), and then we identify the right tank size.
From there, our expert team handles all the preparation on your property, the tank installation and gas connections. We’ll also ensure that your tank fully complies with all local codes and ordinances.

As long as you’re a Star Tex customer, you don’t need to worry about incurring expenses for propane tank maintenance, repairs or replacement. We handle that for you as part of your tank lease agreement!

Do you currently own your propane but are interested in the benefits of a Star Tex tank lease? Get in touch with us today , and we can discuss your options!

propane tank monitoring

Our propane tank sizes include:

Propane tank monitoring gives you 100% peace of mind

At Star Tex Propane, we want to ensure that our customers never unexpectedly run out of fuel. After all, propane powers the equipment that heats rooms and water, cooks food, and ensures your overall comfort. That’s why we offer FREE Automatic Delivery to all of our customers.

But some households have less predictable propane usage. Some customers manage the fuel deliveries of older relatives or rental properties. You can install an Otodata wireless tank monitor for maximum confidence in your propane supply.

These state-of-the-art devices attach directly to your tank and transmit real-time data about your fuel levels. Our team can monitor this data and deliver propane precisely when you need it. You can follow your fuel levels via a smartphone app anywhere!

The market rate for these monitors is $150 or more, but Star Tex delivery customers are eligible for a preferred rate. Just contact us for details.

Star Tex Propane offers a range of other tank services

In addition to tank installation, maintenance and monitoring, we offer several other propane tank services:

Are you ready to make the switch to Star Tex Propane? Let’s begin your no-stress tank installation so that you can start enjoying all propane has to offer. Join our family of customers today.

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