Propane Pricing and Payment Plans

Star Tex Propane helps Central Texas families save money on their fuel

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From Horseshoe Bay to Hillsboro, College Station to Gatesville, including Waco, Killeen, Temple, and many other central Texas communities, households in Central Texas know that they can count on Star Tex Propane for exceptional delivery at a fair price. We work hard to ensure that our customers receive the best possible price for their fuel.

We also offer several options to make your propane budget more predictable and to keep costs down.

What affects the cost of propane in Central Texas?

Overall, propane pricing is affected by supply and demand. When there is a high demand for fuel without an accompanying increase in production, prices tend to rise. The need isn’t limited to home use. For example, propane is a popular fuel for crop drying on farms, so a rainy growing season can cause agricultural propane usage to spike.

Propane is a co-product of natural gas extraction and oil refining. Consequently, its price tracks the pricing for those commodities. With that being said, nearly all the propane we use in Texas is made domestically, so its price is typically lower and more stable than those of fuels that are vulnerable to global energy markets.

Stabilize your propane costs with Easy Pay

You don’t use exactly the same amount of propane each month, and it can be a challenge to make a budget when you pay for your fuel in full on demand. But Star Tex customers have a free way to take the uncertainty out of their fuel billing — and save money in the process.
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When you enroll in our Easy Pay plan, we will spread out your propane expenses throughout the year. You’ll pay the same amount each month, even if you need two deliveries. This is the stress-free way to plan your home energy budget.

Don’t worry about paying too much for your propane. If your fuel ends up costing more or less than we estimated, we will adjust your plan. In the end, you won’t pay a penny more than the cost of your fuel on the days you receive it.

In fact, customers who combine Easy Pay with Automatic Delivery are eligible for a generous discount on top of our already low prices!

Easy Pay plans can start in any month, but there may be additional terms during certain times of the year.

Online Bill Pay frees you from mailing payments

Star Tex customers don’t need to worry about writing checks, buying stamps or dealing with lost payments in the mail. We offer free electronic payment through our website. Just provide a number for your checking account or debit or credit card, and we’ll process the payment for you.

Looking for even more ways to save money on your propane service? Star Tex Propane offers many discounts on fuel and other services. Reach out to us to learn more.

Star Tex Propane customers receive friendly, responsive service.
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