How To Use Firepits Safely

Tips to follow to stay safe

firepit Austin, TX Firepits are an amazing addition to a backyard space. They immediately create a warm and cozy ambiance. Plus, what is better than spending a slightly cool Central Texas evening outside with family and friends around a fire? However, anyone and everyone who has a firepit in their outdoor living area should know exactly how to use the feature safely.

Firepit safety tips

There is no reason to not take full advantage of your home’s firepit. Just make sure you are doing so in a way that protects yourself, your family, your friends and your home. Here is how you can do that:

The different types of firepits

It may come as no surprise that there are options when it comes to firepits. You can go with your classic wood-burning firepit or, these days, you can opt for a propane-powered outdoor fire feature.

Firepits that are powered by propane can either connect directly to your house’s propane tank or they can get the fuel they need from a propane cylinder, not from burning wood.

Propane firepits don’t involve any of the loose embers, logs or smoke that come along with wood-burning fireplaces, which helps reduce some safety risks. They also keep you from breathing in smoke and particulate matter. On top of that, they are easy, simple and not complicated. When you are done with them, you simply turn off the gas. There is no need to wait for any coals to die down, clean up any ashes or deal with used logs – all things that you need to do with wood-burning firepits.

Propane appliances from Star Tex Propane

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Grilling Made Easy: A Guide to Propane Grill Tanks

What the cylinders do and how they help you grill

grill tank Burnet, TX There are many different important parts and pieces to a propane grill. And all those pieces contribute to the cooking and grilling process. There are the grates, temperature control knobs and the burners. And of course, we can’t forget about the propane cylinders – without these you wouldn’t be able to get much grilling done at all!

Propane cylinders explained

The propane containers found on grills are interchangeably called tanks, cylinders and bottles. Simply put, these tanks and cylinders help power propane grills and give you the ability to ignite a fire on your grill. They can also power RVs, trailers, mobile kitchens used by food trucks and portable heaters.

While propane tanks and cylinders come in a variety of sizes, customers mostly use cylinders that are 20 pounds to get their grilling done. Tanks of this size are filled with about 15 pounds of propane gas at a time.

When you find yourself with an empty propane cylinder, all you need to do is remove it from your grill and get it re-filled at a place like Star Tex Propane.

Refilling your grill tank at Star Tex Propane

Star Tex Propane can quickly and easily fill up your propane cylinder at one of our convenient locations in Burnet or Waco. Once we fill your cylinder, we will also inspect it to make sure it’s safe for you to bring home and use.

The whole refill process is easy and is a smarter financial decision than exchanging your old propane cylinder for a new one. This is, in part, because if there is any propane left in your current tank when you go to exchange it you end up losing this fuel. When you get a propane tank refilled, you keep any propane that is still in the tank and only pay for the fuel that is put into your tank.

Why grill with propane

More and more homeowners are choosing to grill with propane as opposed to charcoal. Here are some reasons why:

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Forklift Propane Fuel Systems

A look at how the alternative energy source can help your forklift dependent business

forklift propane Lampasas, TX It is no secret that multiple industries use forklifts to get certain jobs done. In fact, the workflow of many businesses would be slowed down considerably without forklifts and certain businesses simply wouldn’t be able to thrive without them. Many of the forklifts that keep businesses afloat would not be able to run, operate and function without forklift propane.

Propane for forklifts

It is very common for forklift fuel systems to depend on and be powered by commercial propane. It is actually estimated that there are more than 500,000 forklifts that are powered by propane here in the Unites States alone!

These forklifts can be found in all sorts of commercial spaces and industries including the manufacturing industry, warehouses, distribution centers, construction sites and the agricultural industry. With the help of forklift propane, forklift fuel systems have the power they need to lift and move heavy equipment, crops and large pieces of machinery.

More facts about forklift propane

Curious to learn more about forklift propane? Here are some more interesting and helpful facts about the alternative commercial energy source:

Forklift propane from Star Tex Propane

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When To Use A Propane Space Heater

Here is when the appliance can help

propane space heater Waco, TX These days, it would be quite uncommon to come across a house that doesn’t have a built in heating system, even here in Central Texas where the temperatures tend to be on the warmer side. So that could leave you curious as to why someone would choose to use a propane space heater in his or her home.

Reasons to use propane space heaters

Yes, most homes have some kind of build in home heating system, as we mentioned. But sometimes, despite this working heating system, a home has a room that almost always feel cold. This could be because the room has a lot of windows or it could be due to a draft or poor insulation. Either way, this is where a propane space heater can help out.

Sometimes a home’s garage, studio, detached work shed or detached guesthouse doesn’t get heat from the main house’s heating system. Sometimes they need a little extra heat. This is also where a propane space heater can help.

In short, you can use a propane space heater when you need a little extra heat to feel and stay warm.

How to use propane space heaters safely

No matter what your reasons are for using a propane space heater, you should always know and be aware of how to use them safely. This will help keep you, your family, your friends and your home out of harm’s way. Here is some guidance that can help keep you safe while using propane space heaters:

Star Tex can help keep you warm

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Commercial Propane For Manufacturing Businesses

Ways the fuel is used

commercial propane Horseshoe Bay, TX Countless different elements make up and help a manufacturing business run and operate effectively and efficiently. There is the staff that helps execute the jobs that need to get done. Maybe there are fleets of vehicles. There is usually some kind of equipment and machinery involved. And oftentimes there is commercial propane.

How manufacturing businesses use commercial propane

Since commercial propane is so versatile it can be used within the manufacturing industry in a whole bunch of different ways. Manufacturers and warehouses can use commercial propane:

Other industries that use commercial propane

Propane’s versatility makes it a popular choice both within the manufacturing industry and beyond the manufacturing industry. Numerous other types of businesses can count on propane to help them get their jobs done. Commercial propane can also be used:

The benefits of commercial propane

Versatility is far from the only benefit that commercial propane provides. Here is a look at some additional advantages of the fuel:

Commercial propane from Star Tex

Star Tex Propane has the bulk commercial propane your Central Texas business needs. We can even work with you to create a custom propane delivery plan that is tailored specifically to your business.

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How Long Does A Propane Tank Last?

When you can expect to need an upgrade

propane tank Marble Falls, TX Like many things that we use around our homes, propane tanks don’t last forever. Eventually they will need to be upgraded and replaced.

Knowing how long you can expect your propane tank to work properly and last is important. After all, if your propane tank suddenly stops working your propane powered appliances will no longer function properly and you could find yourself without heat, hot water and the ability to cook on your stove depending on what exactly you use propane for.

The life expectancy of a propane tank

There are aboveground propane tanks and underground propane tanks. These different kinds of propane tanks will last for different periods of time.

An aboveground high quality propane tank that has been properly maintained over time can last about 30 years (and sometimes even more).

Underground propane tanks usually don’t last quite as long. You can typically get between 20 and 30 years out of an underground propane tank.

How long a propane tank will last partially depends on the size of the tank, what that propane tank is used for and how often that tank receives professional maintenance.

When you should replace your propane tank

In addition to having an idea about how many years a propane tank will last you, it is also important to be on the look out for certain signs that could indicate that it is time for your propane tank to be replaced. These signs include:

Propane and propane tanks from Star Tex Propane

When it is time to upgrade and replace your Central Texas home’s propane tanks, the technicians at Star Tex Propane should be your first call.

With Star Tex Propane you have the option of either buying or leasing a propane tank and we make the whole process easy. We carry propane tanks in a variety of sizes including 150-gallon tanks, 250-gallon tanks, 500-gallon tanks and 1,000-gallons tanks.

We know our customers are not one size fits all. That is why Star Tex Propane takes the time to learn about your individual fuel needs, the size of your home and where you want your tank installed. Based on all that information we help you select the propane tank that is going to work best for you, your home and your family.

Our job doesn’t stop there. We then prep your property and install the tank and necessary gas connections in a way that complies with all the local safety codes.

You can also count on Star Tex Propane for reliable deliveries of propane. In fact, Central Texas households have been satisfied with our delivery services for over 30 years. Our customers can enroll for automatic delivery or our wireless propane tank monitoring services.

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Is Propane Renewable Energy?

What you need to know about the energy source

renewable propane College Station, TX These days, so many of us are doing our part to take better care of the environment and be more environmentally conscious. Some of us drive hybrid cars. Some of us take recycling very seriously. And some of us choose to use propane and propane powered appliances whenever possible.

Propane is naturally environmentally friendly

Propane happens to be an eco-friendly source of energy. It is clean burning and considered to be ‘green’. Propane is also free of methane and barely has any particulate matter, which is a carcinogen. On top of all that, it is non-toxic and not harmful to any plants, soil or other living organisms in the event of a spill or leak.

All of this is incredibly beneficial to the environment and our planet. However, renewable propane is helping propane become even greener.

Renewable propane

While renewable propane and conventional propane are identical on a molecular level, they differ based on what they are made out of. Renewable propane is made with recycled and organic feedstocks such as:

Making renewable propane has a small environmental impact. This means that the overall carbon intensity of renewable propane comes out to be about 25% of the carbon intensity of conventional propane.

While it is not as common to use renewable propane as it is to use conventional propane at this point in time, renewable propane production is growing and growing. It is the hope that renewable propane will be a widely available, accessible and affordable energy source by 2030.

Benefits of propane

Using propane is clearly beneficial to the environment. But propane offers even more benefits on top of being environmentally friendly. Here are some of the additional advantages using propane provides:

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Are Propane Space Heaters Safe?

What you need to know about the home appliances

space heater taylor, tx Texas has a reputation for being warm, but we do get hit with some cold temperatures in the winter. And during the winter you may find that a room in your house never seems to get just quite warm enough even with your home heating system. Or maybe your home has a detached work shed, studio or guesthouse that needs their own heating system throughout the winter.

This is where propane space heaters come into play.

Propane space heaters and safety

If you are thinking about adding a propane space heater to your home or to another specific part of your property such as your garage, you will probably, at one point or another, wonder if propane space heaters are actually safe to use.

Good news: when used properly, propane space heaters are safe. Propane itself is considered to be one of the safest energy sources that a person could use. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what makes propane appliances, space heaters included, safe to use:

Proper propane space heater use

We specified above that propane space heaters are safe when used properly. So what exactly does this mean? Following the below propane space heater guidelines will help keep you, your home and your loved ones safe:

Propane space heaters from Star Tex

If you are looking for a propane space heater for your Central Texas home, Star Tex can help. We offer a wide selection of top-quality space heating products that can add the extra warmth that you’re looking for to your home.

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Gas Log Insert Features

What they are and what they can do

gas logs austin, tx There are some of us who don’t want to deal with the mess and hassle of a wood-burning fireplace. And these days you don’t have to thanks to propane gas fireplaces.

Propane Gas Fireplaces

Propane gas fireplaces provide warmth to a home just the same way wood-burning fireplaces do. When in use, some of them even have a very realistic and lifelike flame that strongly resembles the flames you get from wood-burning fireplaces. Most of the time, you also have the option of adding gas log inserts to a propane gas fireplace.

Gas Log Inserts

Gas log inserts are designed to resemble the actual wood that you would use as logs in a wood-burning fireplace. They are mostly made of ceramic fiber, refractory cement and refractory ceramic. Here are some additional features of and fun facts about gas log inserts:

Why Opt for a Gas Fireplace

Propane gas fireplaces and gas logs offer more benefits on top of being environmentally friendly as we mentioned above.

Get Your Propane at Star Tex Propane

Homeowners in Waco, Burnet, Gatesville, Lampasas and College Station who have propane gas fireplaces can count on Star Tex Propane for their propane. We have over 900,000 gallons of propane available at our storage facilities and the community has been relying Star Tex Propane for propane for more than 30 years.

Here are some services our professional team can provide:

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Propane Appliances Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Propane is efficient, but that’s not all

propane appliances waco, tx Most of us are always looking and searching for ways to be more efficient in our day-to-day lives. This includes ways we can improve our home’s energy efficiency.

One way to conveniently improve our home’s energy efficiency is with propane gas.

Just how efficient is propane?

While it is quite common to use electricity to power, heat and fuel appliances and homes throughout Central Texas, this method is actually not the most efficient. Chances are that if you are using electric equipment throughout your house, you are spending more on energy bills and operating costs than you would if you were using propane gas alternatives.

If you are asking yourself why this would be the case, the answer is relatively simple – propane appliances are generally more efficient and effective than electric appliances. Their high levels of efficiency help decrease the amount of heating energy that is typically lost in combustion. All of this has a positive impact on a homeowner’s bills.

To show you just how efficient propane appliances are and how exactly they can improve your home’s energy efficiency here are some specifics:

What propane can do

Clearly, propane is a good way to go if you are looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency. The fact that the gas is so efficient makes it a preferred energy choice among both home and business owners.

On top of being so efficient, propane is incredibly versatile, which is another reason why homeowners and business owners prefer to use it. To get a sense of just how versatile propane is, here is a list of what it can fuel and power:

Additional benefits of propane

The benefits of propane don’t end with efficiency and versatility. Propane also:

Count on Star Tex for your propane needs

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