Posted: July 1, 2024

Why Is My Propane Grill Tank Hissing?

What the sound may indicate

grill tank College Station, TX If you have ever been out in the yard of your Central Texas home grilling up a storm and heard a hissing sound coming from your grill tank, hopefully you took the necessary precautions and safety measures. After all, hearing this type of sound is an indication that something might be slightly off with your grill.

Hissing from your grill tank

Hearing a hissing sound from your grill tank (which can also be referred to as a propane cylinder) can be a sign that your tank’s pressure-relief valve is open.

The propane that is inside a propane cylinder naturally heats up over time. This, in turn, increases the tank’s pressure point. A pressure-relief valve will open once the pressure surpasses a specific point to release the excess pressure. This helps prevent a tank from rupturing. The chance of a pressure-relief valve opening increases as outside temperatures rise.

As pressure is being released through the valve, it is common to hear a hissing sound.

Once the amount of pressure within a grill tank has dropped the hissing sound generally goes away.

If it does not go away or if it happens to be a cooler day outside, your cylinder may be leaking. If you suspect a leak, you should disconnect your grill tank from your actual grill, relocate it to a well-ventilated area and let it finish emptying out. Do not bring it back to your grill until it is completely empty.

What to do when your grill tank is empty

When the propane tank that you use for your grill (or your RV, patio heater or fire pit) needs more propane, refilling it at Star Tex Propane is the way to go! We recommend refilling your cylinder instead of exchanging it for a new full one for a few reasons:

Cylinder refills at Star Tex Propane

Homeowners in Central Texas can stop by a Star Tex location in Burnet or Waco anytime during business hours and we’ll take care of your propane cylinder refill efficiently and quickly. We make the whole process very easy! After we’ve refilled your propane cylinder, we take the time to make sure it’s safe to use before you head home.

We can also help you pick out a propane grill to add to your outdoor space if you are in the market for something to do your grilling on.

Star Tex Propane is here for all your propane and grilling needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!