Posted: February 19, 2024

Is Propane Renewable Energy?

What you need to know about the energy source

renewable propane College Station, TX These days, so many of us are doing our part to take better care of the environment and be more environmentally conscious. Some of us drive hybrid cars. Some of us take recycling very seriously. And some of us choose to use propane and propane powered appliances whenever possible.

Propane is naturally environmentally friendly

Propane happens to be an eco-friendly source of energy. It is clean burning and considered to be ‘green’. Propane is also free of methane and barely has any particulate matter, which is a carcinogen. On top of all that, it is non-toxic and not harmful to any plants, soil or other living organisms in the event of a spill or leak.

All of this is incredibly beneficial to the environment and our planet. However, renewable propane is helping propane become even greener.

Renewable propane

While renewable propane and conventional propane are identical on a molecular level, they differ based on what they are made out of. Renewable propane is made with recycled and organic feedstocks such as:

Making renewable propane has a small environmental impact. This means that the overall carbon intensity of renewable propane comes out to be about 25% of the carbon intensity of conventional propane.

While it is not as common to use renewable propane as it is to use conventional propane at this point in time, renewable propane production is growing and growing. It is the hope that renewable propane will be a widely available, accessible and affordable energy source by 2030.

Benefits of propane

Using propane is clearly beneficial to the environment. But propane offers even more benefits on top of being environmentally friendly. Here are some of the additional advantages using propane provides:

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