Posted: March 4, 2024

How Long Does A Propane Tank Last?

When you can expect to need an upgrade

propane tank Marble Falls, TX Like many things that we use around our homes, propane tanks don’t last forever. Eventually they will need to be upgraded and replaced.

Knowing how long you can expect your propane tank to work properly and last is important. After all, if your propane tank suddenly stops working your propane powered appliances will no longer function properly and you could find yourself without heat, hot water and the ability to cook on your stove depending on what exactly you use propane for.

The life expectancy of a propane tank

There are aboveground propane tanks and underground propane tanks. These different kinds of propane tanks will last for different periods of time.

An aboveground high quality propane tank that has been properly maintained over time can last about 30 years (and sometimes even more).

Underground propane tanks usually don’t last quite as long. You can typically get between 20 and 30 years out of an underground propane tank.

How long a propane tank will last partially depends on the size of the tank, what that propane tank is used for and how often that tank receives professional maintenance.

When you should replace your propane tank

In addition to having an idea about how many years a propane tank will last you, it is also important to be on the look out for certain signs that could indicate that it is time for your propane tank to be replaced. These signs include:

Propane and propane tanks from Star Tex Propane

When it is time to upgrade and replace your Central Texas home’s propane tanks, the technicians at Star Tex Propane should be your first call.

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We know our customers are not one size fits all. That is why Star Tex Propane takes the time to learn about your individual fuel needs, the size of your home and where you want your tank installed. Based on all that information we help you select the propane tank that is going to work best for you, your home and your family.

Our job doesn’t stop there. We then prep your property and install the tank and necessary gas connections in a way that complies with all the local safety codes.

You can also count on Star Tex Propane for reliable deliveries of propane. In fact, Central Texas households have been satisfied with our delivery services for over 30 years. Our customers can enroll for automatic delivery or our wireless propane tank monitoring services.

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