Posted: May 6, 2024

Grilling Made Easy: A Guide to Propane Grill Tanks

What the cylinders do and how they help you grill

grill tank Burnet, TX There are many different important parts and pieces to a propane grill. And all those pieces contribute to the cooking and grilling process. There are the grates, temperature control knobs and the burners. And of course, we can’t forget about the propane cylinders – without these you wouldn’t be able to get much grilling done at all!

Propane cylinders explained

The propane containers found on grills are interchangeably called tanks, cylinders and bottles. Simply put, these tanks and cylinders help power propane grills and give you the ability to ignite a fire on your grill. They can also power RVs, trailers, mobile kitchens used by food trucks and portable heaters.

While propane tanks and cylinders come in a variety of sizes, customers mostly use cylinders that are 20 pounds to get their grilling done. Tanks of this size are filled with about 15 pounds of propane gas at a time.

When you find yourself with an empty propane cylinder, all you need to do is remove it from your grill and get it re-filled at a place like Star Tex Propane.

Refilling your grill tank at Star Tex Propane

Star Tex Propane can quickly and easily fill up your propane cylinder at one of our convenient locations in Burnet or Waco. Once we fill your cylinder, we will also inspect it to make sure it’s safe for you to bring home and use.

The whole refill process is easy and is a smarter financial decision than exchanging your old propane cylinder for a new one. This is, in part, because if there is any propane left in your current tank when you go to exchange it you end up losing this fuel. When you get a propane tank refilled, you keep any propane that is still in the tank and only pay for the fuel that is put into your tank.

Why grill with propane

More and more homeowners are choosing to grill with propane as opposed to charcoal. Here are some reasons why:

Come to Star Tex Propane for your grilling needs

Whether you are looking for a new propane grill to add to your Central Texas backyard or you need a refill for your current grills’ propane cylinder Star Tex Propane can help!

Stop by one of our showrooms to check out our selection of propane-powered appliances or to get your propane cylinder filled up.

Contact Star Tex Propane today and let us know how we can help with your grilling needs!