The Benefits of Propane

Central Texas families use propane for heat, hot water and a range of lifestyle-enhancing products

Propane is highly efficient and incredibly versatile. In modern gas-fired equipment, it burns with well over 90% efficiency. Predominately made in the United States (with a huge amount coming from Texas), propane is more insulated from global energy markets than other fuels, making its price much more stable.

In Waco, Burnet, Gatesville, Lampasas, College Station, Taylor, Leander and other Central Texas communities, households and businesses are turning to propane to power world-class home comfort systems, appliances and amenities, including the following:

Star Tex Propane can help you get the most out of this adaptable, efficient, American-made fuel.

Benefits | Star Tex Propane

Propane does what electricity can’t

Every day, Central Texas customers talk to our team about the best way to power their home appliances. When comparing propane with electricity , propane invariably wins the day. Propane furnaces, water heaters and clothes dryers are remarkably more efficient than their electric counterparts. Gas ranges, hearth products and firepits are appealing features that can boost your home’s value.

And with propane, your home isn’t as vulnerable to all-too-common power grid outages, especially if you have a propane-powered generator.

Benefits | Star Tex Propane

Propane is green

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly home fuel ? Propane has you covered. It has a much lower carbon intensity (CI) than Texas grid electricity and other energy sources. It’s also methane free and contains virtually no particulate matter, a carcinogen.

The propane industry is making its product cleaner every year. Renewable propane — while not in wide use yet — is growing in production. It is chemically identical to conventional propane but has 25% of the CI (and about 15% of the CI of Texas grid electricity). Renewable propane comes from recycled and organic feedstocks, most of which are considered waste products.

Benefits | Star Tex Propane

Propane is nontoxic and overwhelmingly safe

At Star Tex Propane, we are committed to the highest standards of propane safety , building on the larger industry’s already excellent track record. Propane is nontoxic and won’t harm soil or groundwater in the rare event of a leak. But it’s important to follow proper safety processes, and the Star Tex team can help.

Star Tex Propane is your Central Texas home comfort partner

If you want to experience all these benefits, reach out to your local Star Tex Propane office. With more than 90,000 gallons of fuel storage, a team that’s second to none and 30-plus years of experience, we have what it takes to provide world-class propane delivery at an affordable price. We make it easy to switch to propane and can help install premium gas-fired appliances in your home.

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